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    In 2010, we opened inside the historical Sacco's Bowl Haven and kept this treasured space a part of the community. The story of Flatbread is a story of the people that work here and the guests that support it. Real food, served by real people, in a real environment. Back in 1998 when the first location opened in Amesbury, MA there were hardly any distributors of organic food and the locally produced food were in their infancy, just like us. So the story of Flatbread is also intertwined with the local farms and local producers. Together they produced and we prepared, served, and most importantly, the local community supported us. This rather simple sounding partnership between Flatbread, organic food, local farms, local producers, and the local community, has been successfully transplanted to our other hearths. Each time we build our ovens in new locations, it is our mission to become an integral part of the fabric of that community through our sustained actions. We thank you!